Manor Park Primary School

'Playing, learning and growing together'

There have been several acts of vandalism at the school this year, including damage to the outdoor picnic tables provided by the Tesco Bags Of Help Award; graffiti engraved on the wooden panelling of the building walls; a window smashed in the mobile and most recently the glass panes in the front door had to be replaced and the door re-fitted after being damaged when an individual repeatedly rammed the door with the wooden planter at the front of the school. The cost of repairing the front door was £786. All repairs due to vandalism have to be paid from the school's budget and therefore has a direct impact on the money available to spend on its pupils. For example the cost for a whole school trip (including transport, entrance fees and ice-creams), costs substantially less than the damage to our front door. With this in mind I would ask all parents and friends of the school to report to the police any anti-social behaviour they witness at the school so that we can reduce the number of cases of vandalism and ensure the school's budget is being spent on more worthwhile activities.