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January 2021 School Closures Protocol

Protocol for Home Learning: School Closures
Manor Park Primary School

While your child is off school, teachers will set a number of online learning tasks to be accessed through itslearning or via links through the Class Dojo.

It is important that parents understand that no amount of preparation or resources will replicate the typical school day and any attempt to provide educational continuity will be carried out with the aim of supporting parents in the education of their child as best we can, given the current situation our Island community faces.

Technology can be a huge enabler for supporting learning whether that is at school or at home. We intend to use this to communicate learning tasks for children to engage with and of course update parents with information and advice.

What Parents Can Expect
On a weekly basis (starting Monday 11th January) your child’s class teacher will upload the activities for that week onto Teams and/or the Class Dojo. There will also be live meetings for each class on a regular basis via Teams; timings for these will be determined by the class teacher and you will be informed in good time for your children to be able to join. If you have any problems with access arrangements or are limited by the technology you have access to at home; please message Mr Coole or the Class Teacher via Dojo and we will do everything we can to help children access the learning. There is a Departmental Covid-19 school device loan (iPad) system in place should it be required - information about this can be found on the school website. Children can contact their teacher via Teams during school hours and likewise for parents via the messaging aspect of Class Dojo.

If there is an urgent concern, please message Mr Coole on the Class Dojo, email or phone the school mobile (316472) during school hours.

Feedback on Learning
Staff will provide feedback on assignments which are handed in via itslearning/Class Dojo. Staff will communicate with children and parents about how assignments need to be handed in. Parents are of course encouraged to provide praise and support for their children who are carrying out the tasks provided at home.

Online Safety
Please ensure that your child accesses their online learning in an appropriate manner. All learning resources are being provided via itslearning/Class Dojo which limits the need to access resources from other sites, however children do need to be familiar with key messages about staying safe online. Any sustained period of online activity should be monitored. Children also need to be equipped with the tools to ensure that their experience is safe and how to respond should the need arise.

Resources to support online safety can be found at:

Live Lesson Safety Considerations
Live/synchronous lessons, or pre-recorded sessions/clips by teachers are subject to strict safeguards regarding personal and professional privacy. Individuals outside of the school are not permitted to share, copy, edit or tamper with live or pre-recorded material.

Aligned to the school’s Ready, Respectful & Safe approach, teachers delivering live/synchronous or asynchronous learning will not tolerate any form of abuse, be that verbal, or written/typed/posted by pupils or their parents.

Teachers reserve the right to end (or remove a pupil from) a live session should they be subject to inappropriate behaviour, if a lone working situation arises (i.e. if there is only one pupil present in the session), or for any other appropriate reason pertaining to delivery of learning.

School staff are always available during school hours if you have any concerns regarding your child’s well-being. Parents can contact Mr Coole via Class Dojo or the school mobile on 316472 should they require further support. They can also contact their Class Teacher via the Dojo during school hours or by sending an email to which will be picked up by Mrs Dennett and forwarded to the appropriate staff members.

Teaching and Support Staff will supervise a regular group video call to allow class members to socialise with peers. These calls may be split into smaller sessions to improve effectiveness and timings for any of these sessions will be communicated to you by the class teacher.

Parents should also be aware that staff participation may be hindered as they may be working at home, home schooling their own children, looking after vulnerable family members or working within the Ballacottier Hub.

Should a pupil not be visible at check ins or fail to engage for period of up to one week, this would require intervention from the education service. Further ‘Guidance on Pastoral Support’ can be found under the School Closures section of the school website along with other DESC Remote Learning Guidance.

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