Manor Park Primary School

'Playing, learning and growing together'

Welcome to Manor Park School

Manor Park… where children are proud of their community, rise to the challenge and achieve!

Our school is at the heart of the Pulrose community. It is valued as a hub where educational and pastoral opportunities flourish. Our aim is to cultivate a love of learning that will be with the children throughout their time at Manor Park and beyond.

Our children are at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to get to know them and invest an interest in what is important to them. Alongside the passion of staff and children we work to encourage a growth mindset, ensuring our children rise to challenges and see them as a stepping stone to achievement. Children are motivated and inspired by high expectations across all subjects.

As a school we also acknowledge that real life experiences are invaluable for children’s learning. The relevance of learning is made explicit to the children, which motivates and excites learning. We have established a variety of safe, nurturing, environments both inside and outside of school. The school grounds have been developed to suit the needs of the community and the children in our school. These areas provide opportunities for creative play, exploration and adventure. Children take ownership of their own safety in the outdoor setting.

Manor Park is an inclusive school, which celebrates the differences, diversity and needs of both students and staff. We support the ability of every child, regardless of their stage, to thrive. As a staff we are proactive in developing our professional skills so we may engage with our own professional development. Regular and helpful evaluation of practice ensures we support each other towards our next steps. This approach continues into the classroom, where children are clear on their next steps in their learning.

We believe that a strong partnership between our school, wider community and home is crucial to our children develop. Parents /carers are actively involved in the school, they participate regularly with school events and activities. We enjoy celebrating the successes of our pupils with both our parents and the community, we promote positive praise at every opportunity to help develop a child’s confidence and self-esteem. We have a wide range of communication tools and parents’ and the community use it regularly.

Manor Park… where children are proud of their community, rise to the challenge and achieve!

Manor Park originally opened as a junior school in 1975 and became a primary school in 1986. Our school serves the communities of Pulrose and Spring Valley and is situated centrally - near to the local shops, park and the island's National Sports Centre. The school has excellent transport links.

This website will help you to learn more about our school and provides useful information and updates. You are welcome to contact the school if you wish for any further details and if you would like to visit the school please contact us to arrange an appointment. Tel 01624 623794 or 07624316472 or email