Manor Park Primary School

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Swimming Lessons for Key Stage 2 pupils take place during the autumn and spring terms. Lessons begin during the first full week of school each September. Pupils meet at the NSC at 8-30am where they are registered by their class teacher, just outside the covered front entrance at the top of the steps. Pupils are taken downstairs by their class teacher to the pool to change for their lesson which starts at 9-00am. Pupils must not go down to the pool by themselves for safety reasons. Pupils swim for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour depending on their swimming ability and learning needs. Pupils return to school by bus. Pupils who arrive late should make their way down to the poolside going through the turnstile at the NSC reception and report to a member of the Manor Park staff team. Pupils who attend Early Bird Swimming Club with Mrs Forrester register with her when they arrive at 8-00am and will stay with her until the school staff arrive.

Please note that Department of Education, Sport and Culture swimming lessons require that boys do not wear loose fitting, Bermuda style trunks. Girls should wear a one piece costume. Pupils without the appropriate swimwear will not be allowed to swim. Pupils with longer hair need to wear a swimming hat. All earrings need to be removed before swimming lessons or you can send your child with an ear-band. All pupils can wear goggles if they wish.

Isle of Man Guidelines and Policy for Primary School Swimming

Swim Attire