Manor Park Primary School

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The Education Act places on all schools (and staff within the school) the duty to state and pursue policies designed to promote good behaviour and discipline.

At Manor Park School Good Behaviour is promoted and recognised.

We teach the children that it is their responsibility to make the most of their time at school.

We emphasise the need to challenge yourself, do your best and tackle new learning with enthusiasm.

Children are expected to behave in a way that allows all children to learn.

Pupil are expected to show respect to all adults and children at school and at home.

Manor Park seeks to put into practice the shared values of the school community which consists of students, school staff, Governors and the wider community.

Recognition Boards

Each Class has a 'Recognition Board' where targets linked to the school's three rules are shared each day.The three school Rules are:Be Prepared: Be Respectful; Challenge YourselfPupils demonstrate the identified behaviour throughout the day to have their name added to the Recognition Board. The class aim is for all children in the class to have their name on the board.

Screen_Shot_2019_09_06_at_10_18_04.png?m=1569922783Some pupils identified as going above and beyond have their names added to this section of the board and are awarded 2 house points.

House Points

Each pupil belongs to a house that is named after hills and mountains on the Isle of Man: Barrule (Blue); Colden (Yellow); Greeba (Green) and Snaefell (Red). Pupils are awarded house points throughout the week which are accumulated and the house with the highest number each week is awarded the House Point Trophy in Praising Assembly. A hall display shows the journey of each house as they climb their mountain with an overall award for the house that has the most points at the end of the year.


WOW (Worker of the Week) Awards

One Person from each class is awarded a WOW certificate in Praising Assembly each week and chooses a WOW wrist band. A photograph of each weeks WOW pupils is displayed at the front of the school and on this website. Later this is stored in a commemorative Award folder. In recognition of their award all pupils take part in a fun activity in Willow Room.

FAB (Fantastic Attitude and Behaviour) Awards

Each half term one person is selected from each class to receive a FAB award - showing a Fantastic Attitude and Behaviour. Children receive a certificate and a FAB ice-lolly.

Respect Awards

Respectful Ronny Certificates are awarded in recognition of pupils completing their Respect charts and having stickers in all the boxes. There are three levels of Respect Certificates.


For more details about Behaviour expectations please read the School's Behaviour Policy.

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