Manor Park Primary School

'Playing, learning and growing together'

It is our belief that children will make most progress when home and school consider themselves partners in education. Therefore, we try to maintain close links with parents and carers wherever possible. Parents are encouraged to approach school at any time when problems or queries arise. Your child’s teacher will normally be your first point of contact. If this is not practical for any reason, please contact the school office. A mutually agreeable appointment will be made for you to see the most appropriate member of staff as soon as possible.

We would be grateful for information regarding any emotional upset suffered by your child so that we can support them in school. We will inform you of concerns over work, health, or behaviour that we have regarding your child.

In addition to this, we have formal arrangements in place to inform you about your child’s education:


Early in the Autumn term, you will be invited to a Parent Evening at school. Here you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s class teacher and to discuss how they have settled into their new class.


A Parent Evening will also be held during the Spring term. The purpose of this is for you to discuss your child’s progress, the most recent teacher assessments and your child’s targets for the remainder of the year.


During the Summer term, you will receive your child’s annual written report. This will include the progress made by your child in each curriculum subject, the level of educational achievement attained by your child, based on teacher assessment and their attendance record for the period covered by the report including details of any authorised and unauthorised absences. This written report should be self explanatory. However, if you wish to discuss it with your child’s teacher, you will have the opportunity to do so.