Manor Park Primary School

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We are unable to administer short term medicines such as antibiotics to children and of course, children must not administer the medicines themselves under any circumstances.

If a child is ill enough to warrant a course of antibiotics or any similar sort of medicine he / she should not really be in school. However, if your child has sufficiently recovered to attend school but still needs to finish the last dose or two of medicine then you are welcome to come to school at lunchtime and give it to your child yourself.

If your child requires long-term medication, it may be administered, if necessary, in school with the agreement of the Headteacher. You must sign and return a consent form, which you can get from the school office. All medication must be handed in to a member of school staff by an adult so that it can be stored appropriately.


If your child suffers from any food allergies it is vital that you inform the school. In some cases the allergy is so severe a child may be prescribed an epi-pen. If your child has been prescribed an epi-pen for use in school we need you to fill in a form before we can administer it in an emergency. Please contact the school office for more details. The school asks for two epi-pens to be kept in school.

To avoid extreme allergic reactions we ask you not to include nuts / nut products in school lunch boxes and for snacks. School does not distribute food sent in from home (e.g. birthday cake etc.) to ensure all pupils stay safe.

If you are worried about your child’s health, please contact your doctor. We do not have any provision for sick children in school, so if your child is not well please keep them at home. If your child is unable to attend school could you please ensure you telephone immediately and let us know.

Our designated School Nurse is in contact with the school regularly; if you would like to speak with her for any reason then please call or pop in to see the School Administrator who can pass on a message for you with a view to an appointment.