Manor Park Primary School

'Playing, learning and growing together'

Matching Support to Pupils Needs

Manor Park Primary School is committed to providing an inclusive education for all pupils and ensuring that pupils needs are met through additional support using a variety of intervention strategies.

We aim to provide a supportive yet challenging atmosphere in which the achievement and successes of all pupils are recognised and valued.

A child who has been identified as having Special Educational Needs (S.E.N.) may have an Individual Educational Plan (I.E.P.) or Individual Behaviour Plan (I.B.P.) drawn up by their class teacher and monitored by the Additional Needs Manager (Mrs Erani-Kirkham). This will be reviewed every term and discussed with parents, and the child when appropriate. It will outline short-term targets for the child and specify resources and strategies to enable them to be achieved.

Additional support may also be provided by the class teacher, Nursery Nurse, Child and Family Support Worker or Education Support Officer.

Sometimes it may be necessary for the school to receive advice from external sources such as the Educational Psychologist or Child and Adolescent Mental Health professionals (CAMHs). Parental permission and agreement will always be sought before contacting such agencies.

Dealing with Disabilities

We would not wish for any disabled pupils to be placed at a disadvantage and we would aim to ensure the fullest possible access to the curriculum and the physical environment. It would therefore be helpful, before a child starts school, if the parents could inform us of any disability so that we can ensure every possible care is taken.

Able Pupils

High ability is a form of additional need and we endeavour to identify these children as early as possible. This may be indicated by all round high academic attainment or because they demonstrate marked ability in a particular subject/activity.