Manor Park Primary School

'Playing, learning and growing together'


The first year of compulsory schooling is known as ‘Reception’. Children start in Reception at the start of the academic year in which they will be five years old. It is important that you enrol your child as early as possible in order that we can best prepare to give your child the best start to their education.

In the summer term before your child is five, you will be invited to a meeting at school with the Reception Class teacher, the headteacher and other people who it will be important for you to know once your child starts school. It is vital that you attend this meeting. It will provide you with a lot of essential information and you will be able to ask questions about things that may worry you.

After the meeting, your child will be invited into school to spend two sessions in the Reception Class. This will enable them to explore their new environment and meet the staff that work in their class. They will experience some of the routines that will soon become an important part of their day. If it is felt additional transition visits are required for your child these can be arranged.

Once September comes, your child will start school part time for the first few weeks. These first days of school are very tiring and demanding for children so young. If your child finds full time school too difficult after this time, we can look at reducing their time in school on an individual basis, until they are ready for the whole school day.