Manor Park Primary School

'Playing, learning and growing together'

The Isle of Man 'Essentials for Learning' curriculum details six dispositions which are key to effective learning. At Manor Park School we aim to foster these dispositions in our children in everything we do.

The dispositions, more commonly known as the '6Rs', are Reflectiveness, Relationships, Remembering, Resourcefulness, Resilience and Readiness. At Manor Park school we have created a named character for each learning muscle for Key Stage 2 children. For Key Stage 1 children we have given each learning muscle its own 'learning pet'.

The table below lists the skills we look for and encourage our children to demonstrate, in order to show their mastery of each learning disposition.


At Manor Park School, we have also introduced a 7th 'R' - Respect. We believe that showing respect towards everyone and everything in school is fundamental in ensuring that children feel supported and valued, and are therefore able to learn to the best of their ability.

'Respectful Ronny' is always on the look out for children demonstrating respect towards each other and towards our school in general. Each child in school has their own Ronny Sticker Chart. Children are given stickers for demonstrating the skills listed in the table below. 'Respectful Ronny' stationery prizes are awarded when children fill a column with stickers.