Manor Park Primary School

'Playing, learning and growing together'

At Manor Park School we help children learn how to develop the 6 R dispositions through the use of six learning muscles. Each year the children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 focus on developing skills and applying them to their learning through these characters. In Early Years Foundation Stage pupils develop their understanding through the pets belonging to the learning muscles.



The 7th ‘R”

At Manor Park School we believe that Respect underpins all learning. Pupils are taught the value of respect through the learning muscle, ‘Respectful Ronny’ and his pet parrot.

Pupils are regularly reminded of the key principles of respect through assemblies and class activities. They each have reward charts to record when they have demonstrated respect in different ways:

  • Marvellous Manners
  • Looking after Property (Precious Property)
  • Valued Views
  • Awesome Attitude
  • Terrific Talking

Each column completed results in the pupil being awarded a prize.


When pupils fully complete the grid they receive a certificate and progress to Level 2 and 3.


Respect ~ What We are Looking For


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